He was once my most ever trusted friend,
but he had pushed my heart to it early end;
I once called him the mind I can forever trust,
but he fade everything,and exposed me to rust.
I seek comfort from the lady I love and wish to till ages be with,

little did I know that her heart was from me far,but to my friend admit;
she fain,when I to her my love carefully and lavishly rained,
until the day,I became suspicious,and her love quickly arraigned;
like a wet chick,her body was on the dock shaking,
until the judge to her case quickly and calmly check-in...
I am not offended by her act,
nor did it struck hard on my heart;

she is an example of a beauty fair that all eyes will want,
but the problem is,for my friend,my love she truant.
betraying the joy of my chants.

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