Afghanistan about to go black as Trump moves to close US longest war

President Trump with US troops

Reacting to the death of one US  army stationed in Afghanistan, the United state president who doubles to be the World president has determined to end the longest war of the US .

Reacting on his twitter handle, the President said, "We have been serving as policemen in Afghanistan, and that was not meant to be the job of our Great Soldiers, the finest on earth. Over the last four days, we have been hitting our Enemy harder than at any time in the last ten years!"

Its a point to note that whatever Trump says he will do, surely he will do, except been held back by some forces in the white house and maybe the unseen God.
The Afghanistan war has cost the united state billions of dollars, but with the Trump administration less has been spent but much done.

This is another feat if his Make America great again campaign.

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