NADESSTU Elects her executives, as Godwin emerges as President

Godwin O. Saturday, Nadesstu president elect
Presidential address

It is not easy to sail through the boisterous storm to obtain a green batch to one's chest;just as the walk to success is full of hurdles to jump, and pebbles to pick, likewise is it after success has been achieved. All the hurdles jumped has taught us that nothing comes easy, but persistency is the watchword and hardwork, the Pathfinder.

We have also come to understand that every pebbles picked on the way is  indeed a useful instrument and material to build up a strong hold to safeguard our collective interest in the land of success, which we have finally arrived. Many words is pleasing to the ears, but when it becomes too much, boredom sets in, and that makes all to be absent-minded.

So, I will briefly like to thank all that supported us by voting us in all the way from the North, South west, south south and souat east, and those that  assisted us with prayers, advice and any other means. Special thanks to Comr. Atsuwete Toristeju Oluwasegun for a tremendous job well done, you showed to me that leadership is not by age.

I also want to use this medium to thank Comr./ Mr Jerry Erhiwario, SSA To the Governor of delta state on Students Affairs, words alone cannot quantify your leadership styles and the roles you played before, during and after the process. You make sure the election was free and fair all I can say for now is that; please continue in this might of great steps, higher may you go I pray.

Comr./ Mr Jerry Erhiwario, SSA To the Governor on Students Affairs.

 We equally thank those who didn't vote for us; we are in a democratic settings, and we are all entitle to our thoughts, beliefs, and to decide who to vote for, and who not to. This government is not a government of the few, but a government of all, a government of all who advocate for a Liberal democracy.

Let us come together, irrespective of our sentiments, bias and differences, and try to achieve the purpose of any Socio-political contract, and Economic pact. Collectiveness is the only key to attain the highest peak of satisfaction. I don't see the government as a government of 'I' or 'me', it is a government of 'us' and 'we',that is, the collective interest of the people will be the Oscillatory ground or pivot from which our government will run.

I will like to firmly affirm again that, all our promises, all we have said with our mouth to the people, and those we have on our mind, will be achieved. Thank you once again for choosing us, for accepting us, voting us, and promising to make the government governable for us for the collective interest of all Delta students.

Godwin O. Saturday is not the one that has accomplished this great feat, but it is 'YOU', the hands that pave the way, and crave for a successful transition to this seat.
On this note,I close this brief, by leaving us in the hand of the Most-High and trusting that we will all work for the success of this administration.

Yours Sincerely,
Godwin O. Saturday
President elect.

The election which was held at Nigeria union of Teachers secretariat, Asaba Delta state, brought together delta student within Nigeria, as they all embrace themselves promising to be good ambassadors of Delta state wherever they find themselves.

Other candidates who came out victorious in the polls according to the Electoral committee Chairman official result released;

1. Godwin O. Saturday - President elect
2. Ekwayovwe Anthony Oghenebredjo - Vice President elect.
3. Odogwu Hyascent- Senate president elect.
4. Etere Gideon Ajiri- Secretary general elect.
5. Akpoyibo Innocent Efe- Dep. clerk elect.
6. Eboka Victoria- Fin sec
7. Obijenu Victor Chukwu- D.O Sports elect.
8. Chima Sophia Chukwufumnaya- D.O socials elect.
9. Erute Prince Orevaoghene- D.O welfare elect.
10. Odheyibo Oghenero- PRO elect.

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