ONDO 2020: Choose Banji Benjamin Okunomo

Everything in life has two sides, unless we only wish to include a third part to suit our own interest and Bias; it is either positive or negative, good or evil, Successful or unsuccessful. In Politics score card as believed by the Mardism school of thought, there is nothing as absolutely good and there is nothing that is absolutely bad.

Instead of Very Good, good is preferable, and instead of Very poor, poor is better. Likewise a Government can be said to be fairly good or fairly poor. Upon this school of thought, without bias from your end you will all agree with me that right from the Official  birth date of Nigeria (October 1,1960), the country has not seen the light of a good Government, even though it has been ruled by those who by reason of the numbers of their age, we assumed to be wise enough to rule well, likes of Baba Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Nnamdi Azikwe and Musa Yaradua, but has failed owing to the fact that they are all barrel of incompetence, having betrayed wisdom, and in their presence knowledge was murdered.

                      Voting in progress

It is only going to be better, if the Electorates can call to question the deeds of their Leaders but knowing fully well that most of the problem itself lies with the Electorates.

Let's forget ethnicity, bias and the saying 'He is our son, we shouldn't forsake him'. Have you not yet heard or seen a son killing his own parents? Even these half baked Representatives you pushed forward to be your ears and mouth piece will come back to be a bug in your body. Instead of Voting for a competent, intelligent and trusted person, we prefer to vote for an incompetent politician, all in the name of 'he is our own child' or because of the rice, the #500 increased to #2000 in the recent election, the vest and cap.

If a stranger can perform better than our son, why don't we support and vote him instead of a clueless son who may turn to stab us. As a stab from a stranger can be treated, a stab from a son can't be treated even with home concotion.

The price of rice, beans etc has fluctuated higher than we expect, as this is not the blame of any root Government to a higher extent, I will like to say, 'hope you still remember the 2015 Election Saga, how we battled with recession, and the outplay of the 2019 Election results'. It is a free and fair Election,right? recession has successfully been fought, right? If your answer is 'yes', then I will know that your gullibility is far from Earth. No Election has ever been free and fair, and Mr. recession has ever been present in Nigeria from time immemorial.

Why won't you take rice during Election, when the price is high and you don't even have money to buy a cup? Why won't you see their five hundred naira as your only hope of becoming wealthy? I guess you never got famished after eating the rice, and the five hundred naira made you the Dangote or Otedola that you are now or intended to be.

They will starve you in the name of closing the border to safeguard you, and give you rice and money to vote them in. They will give you all it takes, so that you can give them all they need to get there; but my problem with Nigerians is that, 'when they stop giving you what you need, why don't you strip from them all it takes for them to remain there?.

Politicians approaches the Electorates using two format; one is justified, the other is unjustified. The justified strategy used by politicians is 'Manifesto', while the unjustified strategy is, 'Money'. A country that believes in the strength of manifestos will say, 'let us show the people our manifestos and how we will achieve it and how best we will serve their interest', but a country that believes in money Politics will say, 'let us impoverish them, and later buy them over with a token, so as to satisfy our interest.

I am convince enough that you know which path our state falls into, and the place our politicians, ones full of integrity has taken us to?

When we are in support of a purpose, but the purpose is far from been realized, is it a crime to abandon such purpose for another purpose that is better? Don't asked a Nigerian such Question, they are die hard followers, they don't believe in purpose, because their allegiance is fastened to the cloak of their Political-Lords.

Upon this simple address you will further agree with me that Ondo state is in deer need of a leader/Governor who can best address our state of interest, who belong to the peoples class not the Lagos cabal, and also the friend of the people.

The battle start now.
Okunomo can do the job more better.

Endorse Banji Benjamin Okunomo for Governor

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