Banji Benjamin Okunomo
The Sunshine state has been known for greatness over time: greatness in terms of low Tuition fees in tertiary institutions, free Neco examination for secondary school students, free school for public primary schools, free transportation for kids and children in primary and secondary school, low mortality rate, safe deliveries for pregnant women and a lot more.

Not limited to that, the sun was shining bright, when every local government has a tractor, a bulldozer, several farm machinery for subsistence and commercial farming. The sun still shine bright when every street has a tap water running and there was no "I too know" way of giving a  borehole water to a whole community called "KAMOMI AKETI".

Omi Titun, BBO

The sun shine bright when our community is safe from severe  attacks from the so called Fulani herdsmen, but the truth is that these so-called herdsmen have become the symbols of bloodshed, terror, mass murder, ethnic-cleansing, genocide, carnage, torment, trauma, and evil. These calls for more prayers, more security alertness, &watching.

If they can kidnap our fathers, the likes of Baba Chief Olu Falae, killed our own Olakunri Olufunke, attack the inept Akeredolu himself, then who else his safe?
Omi Titún is better than Otún Otún, let this truth be told, broadcasted for the sake of the electorate, the entire masses and generation born but yet unlearned.

 Let's keep the sun shinning as it were before we had an eclipse covering the rays of the sun holding it to shine for good Four years. Enough is enough.

Make Ondo Great Again. #MOGA2020
Vote Omi Titún
Vote the true son, not Lagos protégé.

The sun will shine again.

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