RELIGION FEAT AND HEAT..." Forgetting our core values"

Long a time that human memory can't defeat,
Lines linked from a source to make people unseat
their ancient call from memory lane
with the promise of a life full of people sane;

As a rivers hope to part from a sea after a linkage,
a linkage chained by the help of a Savage storm,
Likewise they in their heart a good life envisage,
but in the course,all was lost and less in form.

Religion has brought on us more evil than good,
Just as colonialist make us cede our heart for food;
The best way is to stand on your belief,
if in it you find a well-reserved relief...

Let no one your happiness steal this day with one Faith,
for when the curtain is opened to the other phase,
you may be convicted for living with falsified Faith
When you meet your creator face-to-face.


  1. Religion is a nothing but a bondage. Just believe in ur God. #alabiakewi #shugafrosh001

    1. We have to be sincere about this issue. Men as turned men of God to god of men. And the people who champion these religions give out by taking away what belongs to the people.

  2. Many Christian of nie a days have miss it through Religion, we took Religion as a normal way of life, instead of us to know God ourselves, believe and act the word.

  3. most people use religion as a tools/machenism in their endeavor

    1. Therefore, sound people like you should assist in correcting the norms, and make the world peaceable and liveable.


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