He moved in space and time,
his destiny in his hand was enshrined;
Moving thro a thousand clime,
he met betrayals already assigned.

He was the demon that all hate,
And to him lies no hope on Earth;
He was shifted to the path of fate,
and on that land,he lost his health.

I have a thousand lovers in my golden years,
but now that it is past,I only is with my own fears;
Time will still mention my name without shame,
but what is the honour to my already disturbed fame?

My heart is marble strong,
hence,can't ever shake;
but my mind in this cozy island Quake,
for I am envisioned to be an angel wrong.

I am a stubborn DEMON in this earthly life,
and humanity to me will never forever wife.
Only a poet will understand my heart,
because theirs is the magical words of art.

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