The genealogy of Sadiq Khan; The Short Man Devil (S.M.D)

                   Sadiq khan

My conclusion was; "Men ought to beg God for height " when  I saw Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London. Always on bag, one can easily conclude that, in the bag lies a RPG, or Knife as such weapon is particular to his background.

Lately, London has become a home for dark men of the underworld, a home of Suicide bomber, only that the time is not ripe for action, it has become a home for Pakistanis in a bid to gain power and dominate UK as leading political class. An unrealistic dream, for what happen in the days of Ottoman empire, an evasion of Turkey culture cannot be repeated again.

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The 12 ft 3 man, has always become a constant but disinformed  critics of US President, who doubles to be the World President His Excellency, Donald J. Trump over the couple of years, one continue to wonder when as US became the talking point for the Mayor?

Its great to mention at this point that "Wherever a soldier is instructed to watch, that is where he did watch" S.m.d has deviate from this idea, he is delving into an affairs that he is not called into. At this point Britain should seek for his eviction at all cost, London should place him a quit notice.

Britain should do as follows:

 1. Resist the narrative of the Parliament, 

  2. Remember what THEY voted for.

 3. Chin up, shoulder each other.

 4. Support the prime minister, Boris                   Johnson.

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Hong Kong is getting freedom in short distance time, Ours is not different and more Expedient. Let's do this together, let us  get out of EU come October 31st, let no man deceive us anymore.

We are more than conqueror.
People of God are we, who can defy us?
We are many, Population is power, And our voices will be heard.

HoldTheLine, Hold the fort. Britain is coming out strong.

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