The Man for the Job

Like a skillful panther he pounce forth,
trusting in the voices that cried to him;
For he is the Messiah that to them worth
each time they wish to clear their seam.

Smile visits a thousand face,
life opens to another phase;
things move in the best form they should,
for he has lifted them out of sad mood.

Sorrow is betrayed,
Poverty is arraigned.

Come,let me tell you about the people's man,
the man on whom God has poured all he Can;
In his temple,trust and hardwork lies,
And under his watch,corruption forever dies.

Come,let's this man endorse and sustain,
So as to a great height we can jointly attain;
Come,let's not to this opportunity frown,
For it is the crown that will silent all clown

Come,let's make a new way,
So as not to forever go astray.

Endorse #BBO
Banji Benjamin Okunomo is the man.


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