US, Trump & UK, Boris Johnson "How long can this friendship last"

President Donald Trump & Prime minister Boris Johnson exchange pleasantries.

Going through series of actions made by Prime minister Boris Johnson heavily supported by the US and Donald Trump a master Tactician, and a beloved Vice president Mike pence, one may be pushed to look into the future if this relationship will grow further.

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Donald Trump is known for small words great actions, and great actions calling for little praises in a bid to doing more, however it will be of greater interest if The president of the world will not crept in his MAGA campaign in dealing with the UK.

Having spelt out clearly the unity that bonds the two state, its evident that the healthcare facilities of the UK remain untouched as a means of a trade bargain between the two God's owned state.

Looking  behind our back, one cannot really depend on the US if their ego of partnership is not attained. The case of Vietnam, Libya as a case study. Its a long time trait that has eaten up the United state in dealing with other independent countries.

Its advisable to look elsewhere for more coalition not only with the US, for what bind us today may stand to set us enemies in no distant time, Turkey though selfish and communist inclined as went elsewhere to look for a lesser friendship just to remain safe and the best US can do is to sanction.

China today had once being served a state dinner by the US but today stands to be sanctioned and she is feeling the brunt of the sanctions help able by respecting Donald Trump and the US interest.

ISREAL too ain't left out, under the inept  Obama  administration, ISREAL suffer more on the hand of  his Arch enemy, but rejoice today with a Jew like President of the US.
But it will be lovely and of the interest of parties to stand by what made them one, in trade, military interest and lots more in the sole interest of justice and statesmanship.

Time will tell, as a stitch in time saves Nine.

God bless The United State,
God bless The United kingdom,
God bless the active Prime minister Boris Johnson
And God bless The world President, Donald J. Trump

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