The couples

Weekend's in some part of Nigeria is tagged "Owambe", signalling merry making. Today is not different as a couple is walking the Aisle to the Altar, what captivate the Heart is the Toast.

It reads;
'Always speak the truth
even if it calls for death,
Always speak to the root,
even if it will claim your health'

These were her words before we unite,
and made our heart win the glorious fight.
Then I recall her words in my heart
that like a sword heavily into it dart,

She has always wanted to hear the truth,
For she dislike a liar and one that's ruth.
How can I tell her this day my only surviving truth
When my truth is not fair,but complicatedly ruth?

How will she take it when she gets to know
that my love for her was just a practical test?
How will she take such a haculean blow
Without falling into the mercy of a cardiac arrest?

I will conceal this truth from the truth seeker
For it may forever make her look weaker,
Not all truth are meant to be told,
For some may alot of evil unfold.

Now,let's go to the next level leading to the altar,
'Will you marry me?do not say 'nay'
For our love no one can ever Among men alter,
forever we shall ever be with one say,
I doooooooooooo.

And now...

Happy married life Olanike.

Will keep you updated as the wedding unfolds...

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