Life is funny,for it rarely smiles,
life on Earth is indeed a locust;
For it takes us a thousand miles,
and then leaves us to face our cause.

Life is indeed not what it appears to be,
Life is in a great deal a stinging bee;
For it once embrace us with a cheer,
and then chameleoned not to care.

Life has a lot of particles and product,
that it has tried on humanity to induct;
But what usefulness has it on us posed,
when everything was on us imposed?
When God said,'Love your neighbor...'
Was my opinion seeked if I seek such?
What if in my heart,loneliness is what I harbour
why does he have to impose that much?

Poor David,poor being amidst a poor State,
Are you suggesting your state He should reinstate?
Why don't you file your case to this height,
When in the beginning,He brought forth light?

Made up the structure of man,
and poured on him all He Can?
You are a product of man he made,
ungrateful and useless like a broken Jade...

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