16 people dead using E-cigarette (SHISHA)

Youth smoking shisha at an event

No less than 16 people has been reported dead using E-cigarette. The information was made to the public last week when the Centers for Disease control and prevention, (CDC), in the United State describe the outbreak of the usage of E-cigarette (Shisha) related lung injuries.

       A lady captured using E-cigarette

Out of 514 patients with illness relating to the use of Shisha, 77 reported they had been using product which contain THC - the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana - or using Nicotine, the CDC's findings has shown.

Some states in the US has banned Shisha, likes of New York and Massachusetts, other states has gave strong warning against its use. Meanwhile some Africa countries has banned E-cigarette, countries like Tanzania,  Rwanda and Kenya. Nigeria should also follow suit, to reduce the rate of death among youth owing to the usage of E-cigarette.

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