Ondo 2020: Okunomo Rolls out Vision 2024

Banji Benjamin Okunomo (BBO) has sets an ambitious target to make Ondo State become one of the top economy hub in Nigeria by 2024 if given the opportunity to Govern Ondo State.

Attaining this goal would not only require uninterrupted growth of 13.8% per year, but will also demand citizens with globally competitive skills. The foundation of all of this is the commitment of his government to build consensus on how to tackle what he has identified as the two chief enemies facing the State‘s development: POVERTY and CORRUPTION.

In this regard, the vision 2024 has been designed to look at two broad objectives over the medium to long term: optimize the State‘s human and natural resource potential to achieve rapid and sustained economic growth; and to translate economic growth into equitable social development that guarantees a dignified and meaningful existence for all her citizens.

Banji Benjamin Okunomo (BBO) a Young, Vibrant, Digitally and Globally Exposed has all necessary experience to achieved this vision of Moving Ondo State to the destined Destination.

This is achievable only by Giving Your Support and Vote to Your Son, Brother and  Friend Banji Benjamin Okunomo (BBO) in the forthcoming Ondo State Governorship Election 2020.

BBO...Òmi Titún

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