A life actively lived in memory lane
is a reminder of past events;
just like no one the heart prevents,
so is our thought either sane or insane;

If the past be good, it comfort the heart,
but if the reverse suffice to a great deal,
man ask God why he doesn't to their cause act,
for the body never pain is meant to feel.

I am a man, a marble bold,
a human of a just hold;
just like in the time past
I will like to gently say,
'earthlings cherish deceit,
and give support to her way.

Have you ever seen failure's attire,
I mean, laziness it greatest allied?
her prey to his home pennilessly retires,
for he has hardwork vehemently denied.

The tempest has shattered my thoughts,
My feelings and my all are all gone,
but who can my fear forever draught
away from me, so it could be a bygone?

Like in the ancient scripture,
a verse I can't clearly picture;
a man called 'Jesus' was betrayed,
not only that,he was shamefully arraigned.

I am not moved by his arraignment cause,
but what was his offence to warrant it,
yet we heard from an undisputed source,
that a death on the cross He willingly admit.

Let's treat our wounds and scars,
So as to patiently await the next blow;
for as long lives in the sky the stars,
shattered heart will have a nice throw
into our body, heart and soul.

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