Governance is an all encompassing venture that mandates that we take responsibility for maintaining public infrastructure, creating new ones and doing all we can to give citizens a reason to hope for a better day.

The state of roads in Ondo state calls for concern and underlines our cries as a party, that the Akeredolu led APC government is not doing all it should to ensure that government infrastructure inherited from previous administrations are maintained for the good of the people, but is rather more concerned about building personal legacies in his name for electorate purposes.

A drive through any of these roads in the state capital would show you how clearly, this APC government has shown incapacity to bring the fruits of proper administration to our state. Ondo road, Oba Adesida road, Agagu road, Idanre road, Igoba, Ijoka, Oda, Fanibi, Isolo, Orita Obele are just a few of the very busy roads that have fallen into very shameful states during the less than three years tenure of this government and yet, the focus of the APC is in abandoning these roads while awarding bogus contracts for new roads, that are mostly done not for the desire to ease the burden of the people, but to create bragging rights legacies that fuels their ego as having accomplished the unprecedented.

The long term cost of the dilapidation of these roads to the citizens of Ondo state is that, the poorly managed roads will deteriorate to a point were successive governments would have to rebuild such roads, thus costing us more money in the near future to provide what should necessarily have coat less with good maintenance.

These huge burdens would have been avoided, if the government of the day showed good managerial capacity in the administration of public resources. The lack of synergy between the political appointees of this administration, with the civil service and citizens is now ever more evident with the deplorable state of roads and other public infrastructure in our state.

We hope that the governor, who has been absent from his duties in the state in the last three weeks, would wake up to his responsibilities and see the obvious facts that his two year reign in power, is leaving decayed legacies across the state in an unprecedented manner.

Zadok Akintoye
Director of Media and Publicity
Ondo State PDP

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