She is indeed a lovely saint,
she is along the line very decent;
that made my heart's cord rigidly faint,
for from her heart I need a Just assent
to sincerely spray love's scent.

But I failed to be to her a religion bold,
a fanatic to forever her heart uphold;
So,she fell in love with her best friend,
a mister to whom she my love sold
and put as quick as she can to an end.

Promises made,not to be fulfilled again,
for she has gone to a Christian brother,
the one assumed to have the nerves and veins
to never her love as Christ lives murder.

Though,the sun burn as if she is my friend,
the moon is cool,and wish on her I depend;
But what happens to the moon
at the break of early noon
when I need a cloth to dry?
and to the graceful sun
at a night full with fun,
when tears tries to give a try
to assess my day with some why?

Life can't give you a wife,
Love can;
Love can't end your strife,
Mindset can;
Not all heart can pass  love's test,
Not all words are from a right mindset.

Happy life to couples to be,

By Mentor MARD.

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