Run To Redefine!

All praise and thanks are due to Allah, the lord of the universe, who gave me the opportunity, Courage and privilege, to declare my interest and join the race of NAKATSS National presidential election at 2019 Convention.

Dear respective colleagues,  Ladies and gentlemen, I am Comr. Aliyu Usman A.M.D, Student of Federal College Of Education Zaria, In affiliation to Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto, Studying Guidance And Counseling at 300Level, I am the outgoing NAKATSS National Vice President Ext. Affairs, it is with special pleasure, honor and a deep sense of humility that I express my intention to aspire for NAKATSS National president to represent the good students of katsina state, studying in Nigeria and diaspora, this is to continue my good work as the Vice President.

At this juncture, It is important that I present the journey so far and successes recorded, this is to put your mind at rest as to why I am the right man ‘to run to redefine’ this great association.
As the outgoing Vice President of this association, I have had the privilege of serving this great association and proving my worth in areas of sincerity, trust and a strong sense of purpose. This is evident by programs executed through my personal office such as; public lectures, skills acquisition programs and so on. I can only hope that with your mandate, I do more.

Dear colleagues while serving as Vice President, I have proven my character and capacity, therefore; I can hope and trust that katsina state students, especially the delegates reading this speech will invest their trust and confidence in me once more as I have already entrusted mine in you. As you can all see, I have always actively engaged in students Union activities, I am going into this race neither for personal gain nor selfish ambition nor to promote partisan interest or mediocrity but to prove to you once more that I have all it takes-character, energy the time and capacity to serve and inspire you and also to rebrand the image of our association

I pledge to build upon the foundation already laid by my predecessors over the years, strengthen the weak pillars and fill the cracks in the process, ladies and gentlemen, we must not mortgage the future of our association to aspiring leaders who have no solid achievement in the association to count on. To that vein, let me use this opportunity also to urge all the delegates to judge all of us who are contesting for President by our professional competencies, integrity and track record in NAKATSS and other students union bodies and not on unfounded allegations or vicious propaganda as obtain in the past.

Ladies and gentlemen, Judge me particularly on my record as the NAKATSS Senate President at ZCOE Maru Zamfara state, Judge me on my record as S.U.G Auditor General at ZCOE Maru, Judge me on my record as Director and general campus affairs, and Director general on media and publicity all at NAKATSS National Headquarter, and also judge me on my recent record as the vice president ext. Affairs NAKATSS National Body, It is unanimous that NAKATSS is a powerful association of intellectual from diverse background, to this end; once more delegates must observe very well in selection of candidate for who deserved.

Let me also use this opportunity to respectfully urge the Congress planing Committee CPC and Electoral Committee ELCOM of NAKATSS 2019 Convention to commit themselves in ensuring a free, fair, and credible election.

At this juncture, I would like to end my speech by soliciting your support and votes to serve you in order to restore the good image, character and reputation of NAKATSS that each and every one of us will be proud of and willingly subscribe to once more, by so doing, it is my conviction that our association will rise again and shine to the delight of each and every one of us.

May Allah guide us on that path,  I thank you all for your time and keen attention for reading this.

Long life Katsina state.
Long Life NAKATSS.
Long life Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

Yours in Struggle
Comrade Aliyu Usman A.M.D


  1. Endorse and support 100% Cmr.Aliyu wish you all the best

  2. Its of great concern we in Semzyblog do support his Candidacy. We strongly believe he will deliver, Insha Allah.


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