Atsuwete Toju (TJ) roll out campaign as he prepares for NIDSUG Election

Comr. Atsuwete Tojuright O. P.k.a. TJ

TJ 4 VP west Campaign Team

Press Release!!!

Though the Vision May Tarry: It shall Speak and Not Lie.

It is true that RESPONSIBILITY is Response to Ability- TJ

As the days,draw close,the visions get closer and unveiling. We have all waited, prayed and hoped that a day Will come where we will all sing the song of freedom and Victory.

I therefore wish to impress in your heart that, that day is closer than imagined. It is in light of this the TJ4VP west campaign team wants to rekindle the spirit of her lovers and supporters to get prepared as the days to follow will be filled with songs of victory.

The long awaited Convention/Election of the Niger Delta Student Union Government is here,

Prior to the scheduled date by the Central Planning Committee, the dates are as follows;
Arrival - Friday 17th January 2020

Events and Elections through till 19th then departure.

Venue: Akwa Ibom

By this, we want to encourage all who will be going to please endeavor to prepare, plan and most importantly support this movement.
Our support for this vision is most important.

We therefore want to state  clearly that our collective preparation will be as follows;

Friday: Departure from Owo
Dressing: simple cloth ( preferably shorts, sandal and the TJ for VP west Face Cap as the journey is long for conveniences)

Day 2: A smart Native attire (white or Black)
Symbolic to the TJ movement.

A Smart T shirt and the TJ face cap for Election Day( white)
Symbolic to the TJ movement.

We therefore wish you a safe and victorious movement as victory is ours.

Solidarity Greeting to all.

TJ 4 VP west Campaign Team

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