"Enslavement in Disguise" as NAPS condems ban on Motorcycles and Tricycles in some parts of Lagos state

Owing to the recent ban on motorcycles and Tricycles in some parts of Lagos state, the National association of Polytechnic Student's as condemn the act, codenamed it as "enslavement in disguise".

The body says, the Nigeria student plying the axis enlisted in the ban will suffer the fate of missing  lectures, test, and may probably miss their exams as the enforcement will cause a major stress to the Nigerian students plying the axis.

The council further submit that, in respect to the enforcement of the ban, student will have to trek a long distance as to meet their daily activities, and afterwards be wearied, get lockdown in the hospitals which further increase the government purse but drain the student's pockets.

Democracy they say is the government of the people, for the people and to the people, but as it stand, reverse is the case. Good Governance comes when dividends of democracy is shared abroad, and not to favour the rich. And of a need to say, the ban suffer students the more, as some father sponsor their wards/child through the transportation job.

The question to ask is who are they to ask for help? As there is little or no employment as we speak in Nigeria, even the available ones are reserved for persons with longer leg so to say.

We  therefore call on the Lagos State Governor and the entire government to again look into the matter and make a rescind in their judgment.

We also stand to say we support the Lagos state government in aspect of road construction, influx of investors into Lagos owing to calculated effort in ensuring ease of doing business, also the operation make Lagos clean, but in regards to this ban, we plead that until the proposed transportation means is put in place the bike men should still carry on with their business.

We look forward to a greater response from the Lagos state government, and hope to see a change.


Comr. Isaiah O. Aladesanwa
NAPS Vice President South West

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