Save our Pockets: Review 7​.​5% Tax on calls & data

Owing to the passage and enforcement of the Finance bill 2019, under it's Part II Paras. 36 it quote: " section 4 is hereby amended by substituting "5 percent" with "7.5 percent", in line with this accented bill the Telecommunication industry thereby start enforcing it on its users.

I write not to replace the bill but to say that telecommunications industry withdrawing the said VAT on its users is undemocratic, enslavement in disguise and moreso enriching the rich and making the poor poorer.

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It's my submission that the telecommunication industries already had their market and as gain much from the people and also the increase in VAT by the FG should not be deducted from the sweat of the people. I also submit that under a dwindling economy, you can't still make the people suffer more.

It's on this fact i write your good and working office to come to the aid of the poor and the Nigerian masses in asking for a reconsideration on their stand and review, as calls are not luxury items and should also make the exclusion list, along side food items and pharmaceuticals

Thanks in anticipation of your response.

Please help sign this petition using the link below,

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