Banji Okunomo the Beacons of Hope

Photo: Banji Ben Okunomo, leading Ondo state Gubernatorial aspirants of the People's Democratic Party

By Wande Owati

Banji Okunomo is not just a leader but also a relic grand of efficacious remedy to a myriad of problems confronting his people.

Banji Okunomo is not clannish or chauvinist, he's a detribalised leader that believes human beings are equal in the eyes of the Lord, he detests and despises corruption; hence he's an incorruptible leader.

Banji Okunomo has been a monumental success to his people before he joined politics and since his sojourn in politics, development of humanity has been his forte, his past antecedents as a local government chairman is second to none. He has never failed in any given opportunity to serve his people, he's a magnanimous and benevolent in giving, an employer of labour who has dedicated his precious time to unchained and unfettered the downtrodden and the destitute from the envelope of poverty.


He's a quintessential leader, a man of valour, a prudent and a trustworthy leader. BBO as fondly called, is a man of integrity, dignity with unblemished records.

He's a fearless political warrior, he is dogged and a man that can be entrusted with our resources.

Banji has the ability to right the wrongs and set Ondo State on the right path of sustainable development. He is a household name in Ondo State, he has political retinue across the nooks and crannies of the sunshine state, his uniqueness is second to none.

Without mincing words, no politician in the race to govern Ondo State today is in the same pedestal with Banji Okunomo who has unmatched experience in politics, public service, and entrepreneurship.

It's obvious and evident that Banji Okunomo is not swimming against the tide. Since the inception of democracy in Ondo State, the ilajes have not produced the governor of this State, it's high time we unchained them from the envelope of marginalisation and we have no man for the Herculean job than Banji Okunomo.

He has the dexterity, acumen, and strategies to gets Ondo State back on tracks, he's a lover of democracy, he's the hope of the hopeless, the voice of the voiceless, the best man that can revive our economy, he will surely fulfil his campaign promises.

Banji Okunomo has the needed connections that can attract foreign and private investor's to Ondo State. He has the ability and capability to unite Ondo State across political party, religion, and ethnic divide.

I beseech the good people of Ondo State to jettison sentiment and support BBO- Banji Ben Okunomo for a prosperous Ondo State.

Wande Owati writes from Ikare Akoko.

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