"When a man has once loved a woman, he will do anything for her, except continue to love her." - Oscar Wilde

Oreoluwa Precious! What a name never to forget, never to run out of sight, and always to pick as the starting point of love and interest for maybe 'women'. Never doubt it love is a beautiful thing, love is a smile caused by just seeing, feeling, touching and knowing of the individuals involved. Love and you shall be loved. All love is mathematically just, as much as the two sides of an algebraic equation, "They do not love that do not show their love. The course of true love never did run smooth. Love is a familiar. Love is a devil. There is no evil angel but Love Says William Shakespeare.

My first experience of love in it's real sense can be simply put as love. The first love is far different from the adult level leading to marriage, Nay, as young lads we all feel so cool when we find a girl who create a mutual interest. While in school, I do have a friend named Ogunleye Kolade in whom always got loved by buying Feotamy ice cream for ladies, and also a 'short devil mathematician' named Agboola Sunday who is mostly loved by buying egg rolls, chin chin and groundnut in preps. But yet I found no lasting experience in all this. They also are channels of affection, but not as strong to mine.

One of my experience of affection in young lads is believing when you as a boy urinate on the spot a lady did hers it brings out a common interest, what a superstition! One other thing we do as young ones is writing secret love letters to beautiful damsels in class during or after closing hours, but if caught in the process; sorry is the next word from peers as you will be called out on the Morning assembly ground to be not only wiped but make open your secret act. No dulling, life goes on, that moments of no shame is the starting of boldness in a man.

What an experience!

It was September 10th, 2012 a day I till today tagged the 'mother of days', why? it was the day I met with my first date, probably say my first love. As a kid not yet attained the maturity stage of 18, I was prone to love, and sex so do everyone even adults, it's a good part of man that cannot let go. This was my basis of hating people who castrate their animals, depriving them of what matters.

I had such a blessed, jovial and good at dancing brother Micheal, he do take me along for exclusively Christian praise nights, on getting there, joke of all sort will be launched before the program which always start 11pm and run through the night till mama calls, I started showing my skills and from thence got loved by known and the unknown. Basically, I do my dancing steps without thinking anyone is watching being a lad, but fortunately I was making a load of friends.

Tired, and need to go get some cool air, stepped out and the information reaching me by my good old friend Ayegbusi Temitope Raymond was that "Isaiah there is this girl that most of us have been talking to but she is not yielding, ehen ehen I asked, I dey tell you! You fit try self, Trying as never been my problem, I was taught by my Dad to always try the untried, to always face my fears, though not in this regard, but to get result you have to go to the extreme. I approached her, it was just as if everyone meeting her was preparing the way for me like John preparing the way for Jesus.

I am Isaiah Oluwasemilore Aladesanwa, before I could say the next statement, I heard; I saw you dancing in the Church, you seem good at it, wow! I just hit the jackpot, told her my school, where I reside and others, and she did in return, she happen to come from a popular family and et all, 'somethings are better left unsaid'.

The very night, as at 3am walking back home, you will imagine what a odd time? Nay, it was just the very good time to do such then, she walked me down the street and that night became my first night to do a "lovely kiss", Oh my Gosh! I was just so happy I had a kiss from a beautiful damsel. As we walk home, I felt a horse was jumping in me, having no obstacles of movement. Its a night of wonders.

While walking down we met some policemen on the way, as usual, I ain't afraid of such caliber of Force men, neither was I afraid to respond to any question being asked me, I am the voice of the voiceless right from time, only God knows why I didn't study Law as a profession. We were told to go and on and on.



Mark Twain once said "I am young and foolish then; now I am old and foolisher.", On Sunday, I had to go attend her Church, dressed neatly, tuck in my shirt, with a polished shoe, I roll out my muffler and make use of my fashion ring and my wrist blue band. On getting there the service has started, came in like a guest speaker so to say, I indeed command respect, all said and done the service ended, been a youth program we share the then Coaster Biscuit.

I was hungry but had to play the big boy, left it uneaten: this is common among men, quote me wrong. On our way home, leading her home, I can't forget she had some young but matured in thinking friends, I believe this is because they went to girls only secondary school, the friends left us two to do the lone walking, we got to a point where there stood a cashew tree, I don't know why my meeting of new people happen under a cashew tree, we talked, share our joy, and we departed.

Read more on my cashew experience:

I received a call from her, I am coming to your house, please describe exactly, wow! The next thing is running up and down to fix my room, and to also freshen up, I was young and free which is just the best. In twenty to 25minutes, I had the sound vum vum vum, the bike man dropped her, I paid and tapped the guy thanks for doing just this...I held her hand in, being a lover boy.

At this point I can't express by way of writing what is running all over me, I had a slight sweat, I had this hot shaking in my stomach, and believe you me as we enter I had the first conscious rise. Rise in what, you can complete the rest. She choose not to sit on the chair in my room, my mum was on leave, resting in her room while the time last. I was just good entertaining guest, I learnt this from my mom being the third born, she will always call me to do this, do that. The stressful time paid off as I did the best in my power to do.

While on my bed we both lay our back, we talked a little, kiss a much, she stood up took off her top, leaving only her to the navel singlet and colour blue brassier, she dance to the song by Beyonce and other artist, most importantly was Jennifer Lopez Ft Lil wayne: 'Am in to you'. She twerked, roll her eyes, and other on the bed mode of female dance, Oh my God, I took her hand, brought her low, turned her around doing the kissing the touching for minutes, I was off in all state being my first time, something came out in me from the first time, never had such experience, though little, white and slippery, at this point Nothing else matter, I rode the lighting, and I heard the word's, let's do this on the day of our wedding, shit, Okay, I responded, not knowing Such day will never come! Something's are better left unsaid...

But I had a special moments, a day I can't forget. My first date at 17.

Share with us your experience and let's pass it on.

Writer's note: this is a true life experience, not written to paint anyone black and don't think it as such.


  1. What a memorable, captivating and interesting love story. Love is life!

  2. Yea, it was... Let love rule.

  3. Fantabulous.... interesting

  4. Thanks for taking your time to read through, do check in for other interesting stories. Semzyblog...Just for you.

  5. Wow!Sometimes being naive keep you safe and sane.

    1. Of a truth... The experience turned wisdom in part. Life goes on, thanks for reading through.

  6. Interesting 😍


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