Photo: Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra

In a bid to correct obesity, weight gain and remain fit during and after this lockdown caused by the Chinese virus (COVID-19), it has been my normal routine to wake up early, take a shower, set out for morning exercise. The earlier the better says the wise, the North central weather conditions permits the sun to rise early, you can't just imagine the sun coming all out even at 7:30am. Adapted to the structure I become, up I go all white, my shirt, short nicker, singlet, and guess what; and a slippers in both forms (rubber or palm), you wonder what a combination right? Don't worry I look good on it, the story we definitely change. I choose this system because:-

• I go walking, not jogging and aside am not the big boy type who find love in canvas.

• To differentiate myself totally with young ones, who see everyone as their mate as they pass you by, 'class is important this time'.

• My height is not matching up with my age, a very worry state for me, not to be seen as the regular kids looking for a fine babe to roll the day with and later hook up to appease the lockdown effect and et al.

Nothing feels so good finding comfort in time of distress, I sought for a place where nature is rooted, I got the venue for my request, under a tree, a cashew tree at that, underneath it is a carved out rock, a bench and a long construction concrete. This spot believe you me can be used for a family like sit out, a picnic between lover's or a private reading area. I found compassion reading, checking through my diary, mails, to do list, and more importantly getting updated with facts of life under the same tree.

Here comes two young men, one light in complexion the other as black as the resulting effect of what he came to do, 'smoke'. One funny thing I learnt in the union is, "colour predict choice" one smoke cigarette the other takes Igbo (weed), as inquisitive as I can be, I asked the reason for the separate choices, they gave me an unfounded reasoning, I stick to it.

But there was a problem, the matches for lightning is wet, having kept it under a nearby brick, rain fell in the night. Oops, a problem? No, this is when I had to learn the truth the hard way, "when there is a problem, there is a solution" if none popped up, you create one. My new friends had to look around, saw no one to ask for matches or lighter, little did they thought that the solution arrived, the saw a smoke rising nearby, perturbed by the distance and the unwillingness to go, I learnt a new thing again. "Until you seek, you may not find", I became their lifeline, saw someone smoking along, I told them, and one who smoke cigarette left to tap from the source of light, this singular action made me know again that "iron sharpeneth iron" they kissed each other with cigarette and parted ways.

I think I can stop here right?

I got to know their names, one Ifeanyi 24, the other Oga white, an alias, we exchange words from a topic to the other, I got a more clearer understanding of the practical nature of the Igbo people, both had their business, one still in 200L in the University, they look so smart and encouraging. One pull up his shirt, I asked why? He replied, this is the best way to avoid the smell on my body. Having touch several part of life intriguing stories of Sex, relationship, business, and day to day activities just in short narration, we got to politics, oh my God!, at this junction, the Bass MP3 player was only  entertaining the air.

The more aged guy was the I know more man, I asked, as an Ebonyi state born, do you believe in Biafra? Had I know, I wouldn't have asked, because his bitter heart felt extend my time of stay under the tree. He explained thus:-

• He Oga white said, Ojukwu started a war he couldn't finished: he explained how the late Nnamdi Azikwe adviced Ojukwu to shealth is sword and embrace a one Nigeria. He further said the whole defence of the Ojukwu led campaign came to crippling as the forever respected Major  Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu died. Going by the saying "Never allow your defence weakened".

For the purpose: Major (Nigerian Army) and Lieutenant Colonel (Biafran Army) Chukwuma K. Nzeogwu was one of the men who played a major role in the January 15, 1966 led coup, an action which brought Nigeria democracy to military rule. The Warlord was the Architect who spare head the construction and implementation of the Coup d'etat.

Photo: Major Chukwuma K. Nzeogwu

Before his death, the major was in the Delta prison, but Ojukwu released him base on the power and authority conferred on him  as the eastern region Governor, he went ahead after the release to declare war on the Biafra radio. It's pertinent to note that, Ojukwu funded the campaign with his money, which Oga white said was from his father purse. 

• Oga White continued by saying, Nnamdi Kanu or 'whatever', cannot par with the military experience, technical know how of the Ojukwu led Biafra, so I don't see him succeeding in this Biafra struggle.

• White said, Nnamdi Kanu is judged by the Court a terrorist, but with the help of a good Senator Abaribe Eyinanya he was freed with conditions, he commited contempt of Court by going on exile, and I wonder why some people who don't have something or resources allowed themselves to be brainwashed, making all of us (Igbo)  hated.

• As he further said, I believe in One Nigeria, though restructured, pim, I hugged him saying, thanks for believing in Nigeria, I held him strong based on that statement. He went further saying, Nnamdi Kanu is not really concerned about the Biafra issue, he only wants fame and power, he got one and the other not, being a barrister at law, he understand how to capture the heart of the people to what seem as a means to appease them of the Nigerian government neglect.

• Oh, the smoke is finished, no more zeal to talk, I pressed further to make him pour out his mind, I asked can you in anyway or form help raising the Biafra flag, responded sharply No, a capital NO. The more we continue this Biafra something, the more we be on the loosing side, cos nothing will change, our resources will be used to feed the nation at our own detriment, then why not come to the table and iron issues out, he asked! Nodding my head, I remind him of the saying "peace is not gotten with force but by understanding", yeah he responded sharply.

But one thing he said which touched my system was, Nnamdi Kanu being denied entry into his own country to bury his mother, which he classified as a big slap to him and his educated & uneducated follower's calling for Biafra. It was a lesson learnt in the hard way that "you can't fight the government" except with the use of force which Kanu cannot stage. I challenge him to do one, then he will see a repeat of the Biafra suffering one greater than the Ojukwu led campaingn. Owning to the fact that, with more educated persons from the west, defeat is inevitable, resulting to tactics failure.

He concluded saying, You will recall Awolowo was the man contacted by the then Federal government on ways to deal with the Biafrans, he simply said, quote and unquote "you can't be fighting this people and still be supplying food to them, cut their food supply and see how far they can go". This was the advantage of education over initial gra-gra, Wow! Nodding my head.

Curtain close, as we parted ways saying to each other, from my part, please believe in Nigeria, and love your mother, and they replied sure we will, on their part they said, Nigeria can be One when we restructure the country back to how it was before, which I solely believe too.

Thanks for reading through, please do pass your comments.

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