A United state congresswomen regret and recount how she lost her seat in congress to the republican party member. Katie Hill fault the whole scenario on her Ex and those who wanted the seat.

"So yeah it really hurt to have my old seat flip back to Republican-for a ton of people & also for me. In fact, it was pretty fucking devastating. I went offline & cried for a few days but, as always, getting ready to stand back up & keep fighting. Hope you are too Onward.❤️, she wrote on her Twitter handle.

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Let’s be clear. My ex gave nonconsenual nude pics of me to the people who wanted this seat- people who were backing Garcia when he was my opponent. They gave those pics to the press. I resigned.

I take full responsibility for my mistakes, but this Republican win is no coincidence.

To christyforca25, housedemocrats, CA25, my former staff & everyone who worked so hard to flip this seat, I’m so sorry. I know I let you down, and I reflect on my role in it all everyday. Know that I’m here, ready to work. Let’s take this seat back in Nov - CA25 deserves it, she concluded.

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