The Beauty of Sallah - Lessons from Abraham

Photo: Muslim pilgrims on Mount Arafat

I don't feel like writing, as I am still mourning the death of a dear friend and brother whom death took at a tender age of 25. A very industrious fellow, friendly and easy going, the whips of death took him at the time he was coming to major limelight of his career been a computer scientist. We can't query God, he gives and take at will. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace David. Read here

Tuesday, July 20 like every other day has been a date, but year 2021 with it's surprises and fun mark the date for the Muslim celebration of Id el Kabir, it was 30th of July in 2020 which was on Thursday. For information sake, the Muslims has an annual event preceding this day to climbing the Mount Arafat in Saudi Arabia the holy city. While the pilgrims perform this holy rite, they chant in unison the words in a song like "Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik (Here I am answering Your call, O God).” At this point no consideration for race, title, ethnic, colour or tribe, everybody is a Muslim. Such a nice one right?

As the day comes, as social as Africa is, particularly Nigeria, the day afford the Muslim Ummah to go first to Eid for prayers, on getting home the celebration begins, the normal object of use is ram. This informed the biblical story of Abraham when he decided to sacrifice Isaac as been obedient to God. Instead of Isaac, God provided a ram. Since major religion evolve from Abraham, that has been the practice for the Muslims.

The Beauty 

I took my time to relax after jumping from bed, with no appetite to cook or eat, I checked through my mails and other social media accounts, responded to some, go through news review and putting calls through to friends and elders, messaging others, at some point I had to call a friend Mallam Abdullahi O. Paul, do you remember this name? Read here  to know what he did for me. Bad at not picking calls, I called his wife telling her I will be visiting them today... sent their address on getting there met his mother, aunt, friends and staffs. Did the greeting, the wife went in to inform her husband Brother Isaiah (as she fondly call me) is around. Busy man, we went to the other room. Meanwhile, every time we meet it always seem to be our last for the year, we discuss, joke, exchange banters and talk state matters hoping for a better Nigeria. It wasn't different this time, just that there were more story to share, from religion to politics, business to corporate affairs. What a day!

When I go through my Social media handle, WhatsApp in particular as govt' had banned my most enjoyed app Twitter due to Jack Dorsey influence on state matters across countries and on this I take side with the government. He started with Trump, to Buhari and only Jack knows who and who is next, we can't continue this way, 'no social media company or institution should be above the law.' Sorry I digress a bit, as we gist, I may not divulge all we discuss, beg your pardon. I saw my Christian friends celebrating Sallah, requesting for Sallah meat from their Muslim colleagues. I felt a joy in my spirit. Saying this is how it should be, which reminds me of my everyday quote 'We were first humans before our religion.' So where comes the fight? I ate with the family, ate the meat, took water and a juice all in merriment.

As a Justice will write, "Today the Muslims are celebrating the enormous grace of God in Abraham's life,  on  a day, like this, Abraham passed a great test of Faith in the almightiness of God. 

On a day, like this, God rewarded Abraham,in a way, beyond his expectations, for having implicit trust in God.

We all sing to confirm that all Blessings of Abraham are ours. In all ways, his life radiated divine grace favor and Blessings.

So as the Muslims celebrate the remarkable, phenomenal transformation of an ordinary Abram into an extraordinary Prophet Abraham, I pray that God Almighty will endow you with the quality of faith that Abraham had in Him.

I pray that God will pour on you the immense showers of remarkable grace and outstanding Blessings that will turn you into an extraordinary person wherever you are.

I pray that God will give you the long life and good health that He blessed Abraham with.

I pray that just as Abraham is remembered over the ages, God will make your achievements and accomplishments so monumental that you will remembered over ages." I say Amen to these prayers.

So where comes the war?

Lessons from Abraham

As Christians we do sing:- 

Abraham blessings are mine (×2

I am blessed in the morning, 

I am blessed in the evening,

Abraham blessings are mine.

In singing this song, we remember the story of the self sacrificial life of Abraham and how we as human being need to emulate, imitate and act like one. We are a united people but our small small problems are what causes hatred and wars today, where some young people are calling for secession, others beating drums of war. What binds us together is greater than what should separate us. Let's imbibe the love Abraham has for God first and second for Isaac and even went ahead to sacrifice is only begotten son whom he begat at an old age.

Our problems seems insurmountable, but they can be defeated when we all approach them with one voice, one mind and one faith. Enough of the call for separation, rather a call to stay strong, even better together. As we celebrate Sallah, let's us also celebrate our unity, let us celebrate the bond that brought us together in the spirit of greater Nigeria by our forefathers.

Always remember; it's easy to hate, but love is more powerful, ditto, together we stand, divided we fall.

Barka Da Sallah!

God bless Nigeria.

Your friend,

Isaiah O. Aladesanwa


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