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The most intriguing effort that can be made in life to fulfill the purpose of existence is to foil the acts of procrastinating, using the basic stratagems that could be best employed for a result oriented goal. It will be worthy to first of all thank the most high God, the beginning and the end, the first and the last, the one who created us out of nothing to be something by giving us everything so that we can do anything, the passionate father, the Prime Mover of time; we bless His holy name.  Also we use this measures to thank all those, be it members or non members, Nigerians or non- Nigerians that  are ardent supporters of all what The Nigeria Phoenix Club stands for, and harbours the believe that the club will make the country and the world attain utopia. 

In this yuletide period, which is marked by celebration and jubilation, we appeal to everyone not to lose the vision to fulfill their mission, by giving wholly attention to the emissions of this period which can jinx the prospects of the latter days.

It will be necessary at this point to acknowledge some outstanding members of the club, and this will start by first  appreciating the head, His Excellency, in person of Arc. Isaiah O. Aladesanwa, the first and present President of the Nigeria Phoenix Club; also we appreciate the  efforts of Her Excellency, the Vice President, Miss Balogun Racheal Omonike. The General Secretary, Mr Majekodunmi A. David (Mentor MARD) his service is duly recognized and appreciated.

 The most hearty appreciation goes to the Annual General Meeting Committee Chairman Mr. Daodu Johnson  and his Crew, and other executives, the treasurer, Mr. Michael Alomore, the Membership secretary, Mr. Kayode Tobiloba Samuel, the club's manager, Arc. Abaire Oluwatobi E., the Personal Assistant to the President, Mr  Ogunleye Olayinka and lastly, to the Sport Director, Mr. Adeyemi Oluwaseyi (Sir Pincolo). Our gratitude also goes to all members of the Nigeria Phoenix Club, as space will not permit us to mention names.

Isaiah O. Aladesanwa, President

The Club

The Nigeria Phoenix Club is a Socio-economic and political group which was formed in 2019 (official year) by vibrant youths who believe that change is the only constant thing in life and that the misfortune experienced in the country Nigeria can be overturned by like minded individuals. The club got her name from the Ancient Greek mystical bird called *phoenix,*  which is believed to throw itself into a wild fire when it is of age after living for hundreds of years, then out of its ashes arise again. This has a symbolic undertone; that "no matter how much we fail or fall as a people, we shall not relent in our bid to come out new, strong and better."

The pioneers of the Club came up with the following aims and objectives as stipulated in the Constitution:

(a) to promote Political and Socio-economic interests of members, 

(b) to promote Political and Socio-economic understanding amongst people, 

(c) to maintain friendly relations with similar Clubs by the promotion of Political debate (policies) and Socio-economic interaction, 

(d) to promote and sustain Socio-economic liberation and National programmes for the advancement of collective purpose of the state 

(e) to seek and accept,whenever possible and desirable, reciprocal membership from other Clubs having similar aims and objectives, 

(f) to organize lectures, seminars and symposia on issues of national, social economic and public interest, and 

(g) to do other things to enable the Club attain the aims and objectives enumerated above.

 We hold the believe that, 'as our case is new, we must Think Anew and Act Anew' which led us to our first ever General Meeting held at Ile-ife, Osun state, Nigeria and many resolutions were reached, the Constitution was amended and the foundation of the club was built and made firmed in unison. The club embarked on a farming project which was very much fruitful, thanks to the club's manager for such wisdom to plan and to execute. The club owe her future gains to his wisdom.

Arc. Abaire Oluwatobi, The Manager

The Nigeria foundation is laid on three solid stones, each having its own explanation. They are Unity, collectivity as against individuality and evolutionary as against revolutionary outlook.

In the bid to drive forward the Creed of the club, there has been a general resolution and preparedness by all members to invest big in 2022 into farming as well as online business transactions. Also, the political aspect of the club has been reawakened in preparation for sanitizing the good people of Nigeria for the 2023 election and any other elections. This will avail us the privilege to contribute our own quota to the  growth and development of Nigeria.

Going forward, it is noteworthy to say that, the Nigeria Phoenix Club goal is to build vibrant leaders that will rule for the interest of the whole. Aristotle might have given six typology of government, in which three are good (monarchy, Aristocracy and Polity) which if corrupted becomes another three bad Government (Dictatorship, Oligarchy and Democracy). We are not interested in contradicting the claim of this scholar, but in the Nigeria Phoenix Club, we believe that no matter the regime in practice, no matter the divisions of sectors, no matter the multiplicity in language, ethnic and culture, as long as we have that national consciousness, zeal  and transparency in us, we can do exploits.

On this view, on this foundation and on this rock, the Nigeria Phoenix Club through publicity, agreement and support by like-minded individuals is ready to make Nigeria, as well as Africa one of the best place in the world. The world is full of complexities and we must be ready to explore through to make a better living.

In conclusion, instead of carousing in the midst of men of low morals; we choose rather to invite our mind, as well as our craft to jointly work in unison to actualize all that we have visualized from the lenses of strategic and systematic calibration of thoughts; with this we believe success will be attained, because, the vision from afar, saves one from all uncertainties.

At this junction, we will like to make a Clarion call that all citizens of this State, 'Nigeria' should come out to represent the State in good light, because silence to a course is an acceptance of it, and if by chance the course be negative, it is better addressed as a cursed cause on the course of such activity. Let's not be silent to the plight of the Nation, our voice is needed to set things aright; this is not persons to persons discussions where Silence is Golden, in politics, Silence is an affirmative response to a course.

We Felicitate with all Nigerians and the global world at large, may the festivity of the yuletide enlarge our coast, and grant us abundance and fulfilled life.


H.E Aladesanwa Isaiah O.

President, 08105547258

H.E Majekiodunmi David

Secretary General, 0812 3410620

H.E Kayode Samuel

Membership Secretary, 08103502522.


O God of Our Father's Land

In unity we have come to stay

That at the end our price we shall pay

To have fair or perfect days at hand

O great and tall we shall stand

Great Phoenix never to fall

O higher we shall glind

As our head shall stand tall.

God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

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