EKITI PDP PRIMARY: Former Member Nigeria Youth Parliament writes

Bisi Kolawole, winner of the PDP primary election held in Ekiti

Can we hire an objective rational and referential analysis of #EkitiPDP Primaries yesterday?

I examined with astonishment how discontented persons employed disdain and outraged Governor Ayo Fayose.

First, you all need to know that everyone has the right to support the candidate of their choice. Fayose made his decision known to all and sundry from inception that he’s throwing his weight behind Otunba Bisi Kolawole. Commonsensically, he will utilize his financial and human resources coupled with his great mastery of political stratagem at his disposal. 

Looking at the results of the guber primary, summing up the results of all other aspirants together didn't match up with Bisi K's votes (i.e Segun Oni + 5 other candidates scored 500 votes). Even if they all form an alliance, they will still not defeat the winner.

It is highly unwarranted for any PDP member to berate the process that birthed the results. The congratulatory messages for APC candidates in advance feeding the media space are not only unscrupulous but an act of gutlessness. The notion of fighting Fayose and by affinity Bisi Kolawole will only bring more damage than good to the party. The win at the general polls will be a win for all.

Some aggrieved members of the party argue that Otunba Bisi Kolawole has no electoral values? Objectively, what are the needed essentials of a candidate to bear the flag of a party? 

Bisi Kay was a Former House of Assembly member, a Former Commissioner, and has served in various committees at Local and State levels. Otunba Niyi Adebayo, Chief Ayo Fayose, Dr. Kayode Fayemi including Engr. Segun Oni all arrived as a new breed and won elections. None of them possessed the experience Bisi Kay has when they contested.

Bisi Kolawole by antecedents and political explorations has amassed legislative and executive experiences which is a necessity for fielding a selfless Leader. You can’t take experience away from the scheme of things.

Who says Bisi Kolawole is not capable of winning election? Maybe it is imperative to remind you of the dictum “United we stand, divided we fall”. The obvious fact is that, it is going to be a win for PDP and not the flag bearer only. If aggrieved party faithfuls pitch their tents with APC, then it's not Fayose that will loose, it's PDP members. Fayose has nothing to loose in this case, but we are the beneficiaries of the lofty and extraordinary innovations Bisi Kay is bringing. Loosing this will amount to another long-awaiting Four (4) years of waiting.

Between, kudos to Oshokomole the master game player. We believe in your capacity and that of other stakeholders to coast us to victory in the general election.

Ajirotutu Olatunde writes from Abuja

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