2023: Can the youth become President?

After we put it up to call for entries on the above subject matter, we were flood in with calls and little chat as regards, we decide to put up the major ones and do a general view as regards the little commentaries that came. Go with us as we explore the afterwards.

- COMR. AbdulFatai AbdulQowiyu

The answer is Capital ‘NO’

You will agree with me that ‘Africa’s political history is not complete without appreciating the roles youths played in achieving their countries independence'. It will be disheartening that the youths will find it difficult to occupy the Presidency in 2023. Not even at a time when Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, former Nigeria Vice President declared Let the youth compete in 2023 while on a consultation visit to his former boss. However, on May 31, 2018, an historic event took a place in Nigeria, the event was the signing of the Not Too Young To Run bill into law by President Muhammadu Buhari. With the signing of the law, which now became an act, the activism of youth in politics has increased in State, and local government levels. Youths are now seen occupying seat in state assemblies and the National assembly, 2023 now poise a test if indeed the Presidency can be won over by the youth.

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The Not Too Young To Run law which create an enabling environment for a youth above the age of 35years to be due to contest for President is seen as a facade that masks away the main issues at the heart of retrogressive politics in Nigeria. This include fundamental issues like money, party politics, godfathersim, election malpractices and corruption.

The two well known political Parties that’s Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) and All Progressive Congress (APC) has not done Justice with the hike in their price of forms and the structures of the party because believe me if a party Chairman can be 60 years above how on earth will he support a Presidential aspirant of age 35 or slightly above?

Youths of nowadays will always find it difficult to raise millions of Naria to purchase forms to contest for Party’s Primary election which possibly may not favor them instead of that they will rather invest the money into business and be expecting huge amount rather than using the money to purchase form. It remains a pyrrhic victory for the youths to win the primary election and become the flag bearer of the party.

Youths have been psychologically chased away from eyeing the top seat due to lack of financial assistance from people that matters (old politicians) who see relinquishing of Power to Youth as a threat to their ‘age long dream’ of becoming the President. This is because they know and believe that Politics in Nigeria, is one of the surest means to power, wealth and fame. Hence, the reason they have been in the game for years, enjoying the splendor and aura of power and will do everything possible not to relinquish power to Youth thereby preventing a power shift to the younger generation.

 To reiterate, Nigeria youth needs tentative leadership skill ahead of 2027 general election as it's obvious that the number one seatt is not a seat of experiment but a seat that requires Intelligence, Knowledge and good conduct.

We hope one day we will get it right, till then.

God bless Nigeria

COMR. AbdulFatai AbdulQowiyu writes from Kashere, Gombe state.

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