2023: What's the possibilities of youth clinching power?

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The feeling of entitlement rather than the feeling of enthusiasm for servitude is what the youths have. They know that things aren't right, they know how to make it right, that is through getting the trust of the people by playing grassroot politics, but they aren't doing that, they feel the old ones have to leave the Political arena for them at all cost. That feeling of entitlement already make it a Zero sum game, one has to lose for the other to gain, that is, the other's lost is the other's gain.

I will like to use the  Manifest destiny theory  to make my point clear. Some believe that it is the right of the older citizens (Gerontocrats) to rule, while others believe it is the youths that needs to rule. The Manifest Destiny theory is one that holds that the right to rule or lead is bequeathed to some certain people. But, you and I knows that is wrong. In this present day, knowledge, foresight and dynamism is the key. One must be able to use manipulation to attain a set objectives. One must be one side of a beast and one side of an upright human being, while there will be set laws to guide the activities of such person. 

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As long as the youth fails to accept that power is not given, but rather earned or won over, they will not succeed in the political arena. We need to get our orientation right, stay away from vain criticisms of political actions or activities towards a constructive criticism.


All we can have is an hybrid system of both the old and the young, we still have sensible old men out there. Our thinking should be towards fighting corruption, not towards fighting a natural phenomena (Oldness). The youth are currently fighting oldness, with no constructive criticism to convince the pepper sellers that have PVC. Only the literates understand their agitation, but the low ranked men in knowledge are still much ignorant of all their pursuits. 

On this note, the possibilities of the youth clinching power in 2023 is just 1% on a bias level, to be real, 0% is the best rating.

Majekodumi David writes from Ondo State

He can be reach @ majekodunmidavid21@gmail.com

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