Lost in the woods, A pain, A peace

"A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you have been taking" - Earl Wilson

Behind every scene, comes a real picture. - Semzy

A short story

There is this old Nigerian tale, titled: Asin toun Tokere (Yoruba language) - The rat & the squirrel. 

It is sometimes been rendered as a song, I will share the rhythm of the song, alongside the story.

Tale teller:  Story, story, 

The listener will chorus: Story

Tale teller: Once upon a time

The listener will chorus: Time time

The Story: One day, the rat and the squirrel were fighting, and the tortoise was passing by, upon seeing the two fighting, she decided to help them settle in, the next thing we heard 'Kra' (a sound you hear when something breaks). The rat has bitten the tortoise's nose, and she began to scream. That was how the rat break the nose of the tortoise. Till today the nose couldn't grow.

The song:

Asin toun Tokere

Jomijo (interlude)

Ija ni won jo n ja


Asin gemi nimu je


Egbami lowo e. 

Jomijo -The tortoise sings.

The rat and the squirrel

They were fighting

The rat bite my nose

Please save me from him.

The lesson of the story - "Where you are not invited, don't say you have an opinion. 'I love mama Africa."

Honestly, when I saw the image above, I was searching for the best title to give, even until now I have to just decide upon using the current one. Before now, the African man is not known to spend money on tour, rather, it is to drink, pick girls at random and wait for whatever life had to push at him. In the 20th century, the one we now live in, we see the tide changing, as young Africans want to explore, even to places long thread, path long walked.

The picture above helps inspire the thought of poetry;

In an island

Engrossed with ocean current

I stand on land

I land to cure, cure of lust

Lost of love, love of the heart

Heart of gold

Driving the thick lane

In the drowning watery lane

Hearing the birds chirping

Thought I was in Hemingway 

Hemming and blushing

Do we have a problem

Hose around to light the garden

Garden to birth the fledge

I spread my wings to fly

High across the wedge.

In the drifting of life, lost in the world, finding a solace, never-ending, resolving, it is all man for himself. Bracing up for the world to come, and exchanging life with nature, nature to birth a hope. Hoping to bring a change, finding a road to a new world. EXPLORE!


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