2023: The shortsightedness of the South

"The South surprisingly rejoices whenever their kin loses anything. It is not a party matter, it is now a natural order." - Anthony Patta

On the faithful day of 28th May 2022 saw to the primary election of the People's Democratic Party was held at the Moshood Abiola Stadium, Abuja. Unlike 2019 when the primary election was held in Port Harcourt due to Wike being the highest financial supporter of the PDP post-2015 elections.

It is on record, that amongst the few faithful politicians in Nigeria, who are not known to cross carpeting after losing is the name Nyesom Wike written in Gold. Aside from him, the likes of Tinubu, Baba Akande, Aregbesola, and almost all Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu proteges.


Fully named Nyesom Ezenwo Wike is the current governor of the oil-rich Rivers State, he was once a Local Government area Chairman, before rising the political ladder of being a Chief of Staff to being a minister of the Federal republic from thence a Governor, which he holds before taking a swipe at the Presidency. Wike has become a household name in Nigeria with his recent stunts in the Nigerian political terrain. (Read more about Wike).


It's the attitude of every politician to plan before going into an election, Nyesom Wike was met with a standing ovation and cheers from supporters when he arrive at the Velodrome. After each aspirant's manifesto, then to the election, casting and counting votes Nyesom Wike had 237 votes to second Atiku who came first with 371 votes out of the 767 accredited voters. [Read more here

Analyzing the scenario of the election, can we deduce the shortsightedness of the South?


Politics they say is a game of numbers, the candidate with the highest votes gets the ticket. Before the election, Wike had made his permutations crossing all T's and dots all I's, with all favoring him, regardless of any happenings.

But he received the shocker of his life when his erstwhile friend stabbed him in the back, by stepping down for Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the eventual winner. In his words "...I have appealed to my supporters to take this in good stride and for National unity and patriotism - not only that, those who are here - should vote for Alhaji Atiku Abubakar". 

The above statement was the game-changer, a political big wig like Tambuwal, a former Speaker of the House of Representatives, and a Governor of the headquarters of the Nigerian Muslims, Sokoto State. Stepping down is indeed the highest factor to determine who the winner is, except if we consider further players of the election.

In the 2019 primary election, Wike was Pro-Tambuwal, defending him everywhere, spending his State resources to support his candidacy against Atiku, who later won the election, through the help of the Northern elder's forum, and the like of former National Security Adviser, Aliyu Gusau.

Tambuwal came second with the overwhelming support of the one he now stabbed. 

This is a clear indication of a marriage with the Northern politicians, it is like the Yoruba maxim "Kose mani" - A must-have. No one can win a general election in the country without having the support of another region, if not, one can form a political party and win rather than choose to side with the likable betraying North.

Now President Muhammadu Buhari, in 2007 - 2011 was the flagbearer of the Congress for Progressive Change, always come second in the General elections, because he couldn't get the vote of the other region, until the alliance of 4 major parties before he could win at the general elections.


Mr. Udom Emmanuel is the Governor of Akwa Ibom state, a state known for her richness in crude oil and been adjudged the cleanest state in Nigeria. 

Udom came distant 4th in the election with 38 votes. Considering the words of a friend, 'Udom stand no chance of winning the election, but his longstanding relationship with Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida made him contest the election. On a gentle man's agreement, he should have stepped down with the look of things. But the shortsightedness of the South made him go into the poll."


This is the most annoying aspect of the election. An Obaseki who Wike stood for during his re-election bid for the Governor of Edo State while the world like Tinubu, Oshiomole, and the cabal stood against him. Life is chapter by chapter, as "No permanent foe and friend" in politics, it is the same way old wound never heals.

Obaseki in 2020, was running pillar to post for defense and support, Wike as always, open his arm to receive him, won the election, and further proceed to threaten Wike and the party that took him in. 

Nyesom Wike like any other man will do, return his threat. This was the background fight against Wike, the result of the fight is self-explanatory.

Many think that Wike should have waited after the primary before responding to Obaseki, but I disagree, going by the biblical stand, "Correction and discipline are good for children. If they have their way, they will make their mother ashamed''. Proverbs 29:15.

Making the dispute above, a reason not to support a joint cause is again the shortsightedness of the South.

Politics is a no hold barred game


One will wonder how a region that started with the campaign of being sidelined, made to naught, never sort of, regarded and put in the scheme of things, now saw a direct ticket to write her wrong choose to look away to the realities.

If not been parochial in thinking, how will the southeast leave a southern man like them regardless of the part of the south he comes from for a far northern man?

The Southeast had up to 90 delegates, they gave Pius Anyim 14 votes where do the others go to? This and many more questions beg an answer. It has shown clearly a timely article of Mr. Suyi Ayodele of the Tribune newspaper, Tuesday flat out series tagged: Ndigbo: Tribe without rulers?

For Delta state, it is simply a statement of lust for power and the further quest for post-2023 relevance. Okowa believes with the likes of Peter Obi out of the party, it is simple arithmetic he will be considered for the Vice President slot.

Above all, it is a collective hope, to see if the southern APC aspirants will not tow the path of losing woefully. Aside from Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, no one is qualified among all the aspirants to contest against Atiku.

Delegates should take note, as a stich in time saves nine!


  1. The south is desperate, that's why they can't make decisions for the future at the moment.

    1. Who should be called to order, and to whom will the active players listen?


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