Good day Africa, being a while since I write, due to some personal issues I need to solve to have mental peace before acting. I steer clear of online visibility, internet interaction, and social media engagements, based on the Owo attacks, an attack that made people lose their loved ones, friends, and associates. I had to honor the victims of the attack, by doing the above.

Writing should not be about just writing for writing's sake, I believe that writing should be for the sole reason of having a solution to a problem, correcting a wrong, and shifting Africa's focus from the trajectory of hunger, strife, poverty, illness just to name a few.

The  Americans and the international Main stream media have successfully taken unwanted or self-denting news out of the public reach. They only air ones that place them as the best democracy in the world. But in Africa, we don't do that, we are not known to hide things that relate to the people, we take issues as they are news broadcasts should be in the whole, not in part.

As a student of Architecture, and also a piece of general knowledge, Egypt was the cradle of Architecture and anything relating to civilization, from the Pyramid of Giza to, the Pyramid of the Sphinx. One great lesson we learned as a young Architect was that the Egyptians used what they have to get what they want this stands to be a lifetime lesson.

When the Billionaire owner of Tesla said "Aliens built the pyramids obviously" I conclude that this is another means to downgrade the supremacy of Africa, where he even hails from, maybe it was done to pacify some elites of the United State to grow his wealth the more.

African civilization dates back over 3800years since the world evolve, aside from the Egyptian Pyramids, we have the tombs and more. Africa has Lake Victoria, Lake Chad, and Lake Tanganyika. In elementary school, we sing with joy the glory of African rivers;

Some rivers in Africa *2

Nile, Niger, Benue, Congo, Orange, Limpopo, Zambezi.

Not limited to these, we also have glorified mountains, which form tourist attractions to people around the world, Mountains like Kilimanjaro, Mount Gahinga, Mount Chappal Waddi, and others.


On genres, we have legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Frank and Sam Mangwana, and several others, with the above from where comes the idea that civilization emanated from Europe or Asia?

In Africa, it is Masquerade, which some countries call their's Halloween, Africa has marks on the body, today they said it is a tattoo. Before now it was camel and horse as means of transportation, now it is a car.

As much as men want stress-free evolution, it should not erode the pain gone through by people who established it, but rather honor the mastermind of the idea that begat a thing for human consumption and safety. In the olden days it was smoke for passing messages across to people on the farm, today postal letters are used, then it was a pendulum bell for waking people up, now they called it watch, members of the spiritual world interact before the invention of mobile phone.  

Life evolves, and respect should be given to those who strive to make things happen as well as those who rebranded the same.

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