Owo attacks: A wound never to heal

The atmosphere was full of hope in the wake of the day, the weather seems cool because there was the blessing of midnight rain sent by God. 

The day started in a merrier mood as Christian faithful marched to the presence of their Maker. Unfortunately, the once bright day twisted into a dark day for all indigene of Owo, Ondo State, Nigeria; as the St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church was attacked by unknown gunmen, and a lot of casualties were recorded.

We the NIGERIA PHOENIX CLUB hereby sympathize with the families of the victims whose lives were lost in this evil attack, and we reiterate that this is not just a heartbreak to the families and friends of the victims alone, but every citizen of Ondo state, and by extension 'Nigeria'. This is a blow to the Owo kingdom, an irreparable loss, and a wound that will take time to heal(if possible).

At the moment the perpetrators of this bloody attack are still at large, as no group has claimed responsibility for it. We urge the Ondo State government to look into this with a speedy approach and bring to book the evil men who deem it fit to orchestrate this attack.

We advise everyone to stay safe and be watchful of their environment, if there is any suspicious movement, reports should be made to the nearest police station. Once again, the NIGERIA PHOENIX CLUB sympathizes with the families and friends of this bloody attack. May the good Lord give us the repose to bear this loss and to avert any of such future occurrences.


Isaiah O. Aladesanwa


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