Donald Trump announces running for US President in 2024


The 45th President of the United States Donald John Trump has officially announced he will be running for office in 2024.

He announced on Tuesday with members of the Republican party amongst them are his close associates and loyalist.

Trump endorsed several candidates during the midterm elections which saw most of the endorsed candidates win their elections and just a few losses due to alleged voter fraud.

Trump's body language has shown over the years that he is going to run for office again prepared to challenge anyone from the Republican Party and face it squarely with whoever the Democrats picked, and poised for a win in 2024.

He made the announcements while promising to "abolish every Joe Biden covid mandate and re-hire all military men who were fired for refusing the covid shot, provide full back pay, and apologize for their firing."

He further comments on election mandate and running of congress, while standing on his anti-establishment rhetorics -"I will push a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on members of Congress. I will ask for a permanent ban on taxpayer funding of campaigns, a lifetime on lobbying by former members of Congress... a ban on members of Congress trading stocks on insider information"

Trump reminded the American populace of the American dream, strength, and ideas that have been put to naught by the current administration. 

Mike Davies a Trump supporter put it this way; "Trump is delivering a serious, somber, substantive presidential speech. Reminding us of America’s strength, resolve, peace, and prosperity under Trump. A sharp contrast with Biden."

He declared, "I am asking for your prayers on this very remarkable but dangerous journey."


  1. Interesting. How does Trump's announcement impact on the global political arena in your view?

    1. Trump's presidency is about global peace and the eradication of hunger. A strength for Africa in terms of courage to take the bold steps of nation-building.


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