Fairer than may is your eyes supposed to be called,
and cool than the Atlantic breeze befits your body;

Life is tread with care,but some times uncalled for,
just to quake the heart,soul and body.
Your face caught my eyes amidst my drowsy hour,
but I could still remember those looks of ours;

In-between the cross-bar in love tower,
I will wait for love and it power.
When your beauty called me by name,
and your love listed my fame;
I was lifted with romantic shake,
and for you,I had a love quake.

My name is is David,
but not like that in the Bible;
I am not to a thousand woman avid,
because you are my perfect sample.
I wish I could know the secret behind your name,

No,I mean,the secret in your heart;
I will have put this gossipers to shame,
and work on you my magical art.
I am still lame to money,
but in me,there is a little honey;

Come,let me take you to where love was first found,
in that garden where nature sound'.
My name is Ramson,
yet,I gave love a reason;
yes,a reason to be calm with me,
so that,happy we shall forever be.

Tell me your name again,
let it give a lovely rain;
tell me how beautiful you were born,
so that I can praise you every morn.
My name is Akinola,
from the Yoruba world;
yet,I don't take alcohol,nor kola,
so as to sharpen my love sword.

Your beauty has arrested my everything,
and I can't compare you with anything;
for you are pure to me than gold,
and at your glance,I am marble bold.

They said I am from the Majekodunmi family,
and was breed therein;
Will you love to adopt this identity,
so as to live with me with this entity.

I am Majekodunmi Akinola Ransom David,
I got my abbreviation to be MARD;
but yet,I am not to anything MAD,
except for the call of your love.
Beauty breeds the tone of Lord's

Mentor Mard.

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