JUSTICE they say is inevitable as pain and anguish is; this can be said of the wrath that came upon the attempt to rape FUTA student by men of the Nigeria police force of A division in Ondo state Nigeria.

The case which has been on the desk of the "Quick approach" Commissioner of police, is said to be receiving treatment as office attached to the C.P are working unrelenting to bring the indicted officers to book according to our men who are working over the matter but wish to speak in condition of anonymity.

Speaking further, he said the affected student is now receiving treatment sustained from being pulled down from the bike. Also, that the indicted policemen plead guity to the claim, but were restricted from seeing them due to safety and proper handling of the case on the part of the Force men.

The students union body has pledge to get to the root of the matter and  get justice served on the matter irrespective of the people behind the case.

An injury to one is an injury to all.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

We will serve you more stories as it ensue...

Please kindly rebroadcast to serve her justice.

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