HERDSMEN... "Nigeria Worst Enemy"

                 Fulani herdersmen

It is no longer news that the Herder–farmer in Nigeria usually involve in disputes over land and/or cattle between herders(in particular the Fulani and Hausa)and farmers (for example the Adara, Berom, Tiv and Tarok).The most impacted states are those of the Nigerian Middle Belt like Benue,Taraba and Plateau, where statistics shows 3,641 people have died in the clashes from 2015 to late 2018. Since the Fourth Republic’s in 1999, farmer-herder violence has killed more than 10,000 people and displaced hundreds of thousands more.

                    Fulani herdsmen

 It followed a trend in the increase of farmer-herder conflicts throughout much of the western Sahel, due to an expansion of agriculturist population and cultivated land at the expense of pasturelands; deteriorating environmental conditions, desertification and soil degradation; population growth; breakdown in traditional conflict resolution mechanisms of land and water disputes; and proliferation of small arms and crime in rural area.

Insecurity and violence have led many populations to create self-defence forces and ethnic and tribal militias, which have engaged in further violence. The majority of farmer-herder clashes have occurred between Muslim Fulani herdsmen and Christian farmers, exacerbating ethnoreligious hostilities. The recent initiation of the RUGA by the Federal Government  was a heat some couple of months ago, a heat that most South Westerner, Easterner and others, not excluding the Christian's saw as a way of placing the Fulani's on the helm of the country's affairs; the Easterner saw it as a great threat and the Yoruba from the S/W saw it as a pointer to another Afonja scenerio, before it was eventually openly suspended.

The killing of Fasoranti's daughter by some gunmen suspected to be herdsmen also threw the country in a state of hullabaloo for months, and almost ushered the country into uninvited Chaos, crisis, banditry that could have played if not for the deem-fitted measures that were applied to lubricate everything to a less-frictional unrest...Words are sensitive, this is a short remarks from Yinka Odumakin- "Killing Of Fasoranti's Daughter Declaration Of War On Yoruba, Says herdsmen will 'hear' from Yoruba nation.

          Pa Fasoranti been condole

Yinka Odumakin, spokesperson for Afenifere says the killing of Mrs Funke Olakunrin is a declaration of war on Yoruba people.
Odumakin said herdsmen attacked and killed Mrs Olakunrin, daughter of Pa Reuben Fasoranti, leader of the Yoruba socio-cultural organisation, Afenifere on the Benin-Ore road.

Odumakin said:When they started with the kidnapping process,they started with Olu Falae, a prominent leader in Akure, one time Secretary to the Government of the Federation, who doubles as one time SDP Presidential candidate but loss to Chief Baba Olusegun Obasanjo.
“Whether deliberately or intentionally, this is clearly a declaration of war on the Yoruba. They shall hear from the Yoruba nation.”He also condemned the incessant attacks of herdsmen in South-western part of Nigeria.
  Deceased Mrs Funke Olakunrin

Narrating how the attack happened, Odumakin said: “Yes. Mrs Funke Olakunrin, 58 years old, daughter of leader of Afenifere was going to Lagos from Akure.
“When she got to Ore, shortly as she was to hit the express, Fulani herdsmen emerged from the bush, started shooting at her car, maybe they wanted to kidnap her or not, shot at her car and she died from gunshot while her maid who was with her in the car sustained gunshot injury."

The Afenifere spokesperson stated that the group would not take the killing lightly and that would only signal an end to the terror reign of the herdsmen in the region.
"The people will hear from us. They started with Olu Falae. They macheted him, kept him in the bush for four days before Ondo State government paid a ransom to get Falae out. With this, this is the beginning of the end of their kidnap in Yorubaland,” Odumakin said.

The list of all the atrocities perpetrated by the HERDSMEN is what is very clear to us,unless we are just some bodies of hypocritical type hiding behind a finger to play safe from the calling hands of the power that be, on the guise that we don't want to involve in anything that will deprive us of our Freedom and peace.

My questions are,''Where is the Freedom we are securing? And the false peace that we are consoling ourselves of having? With the endless news/records of mass outcry,unrest etc, the Federal Government under the Leadership of President & General Muhammadu Buhari have the choice to choose from the options that has been directly and indirectly thrown to his desk on the Herdsmen issue to either pronounce the Herdsmen a terrorist group, or to find a lasting solution to the crisis, a solution that won't involve robbing Peter to pay Paul, a fair play in display is what will make it a fair case.

Pending when the Federal Government will rise up to this herculean task, I am well convinced through the map of historical record to posit that, ''Herdsmen are indeed Nigeria's Worst Enemy; and an enemy within is a threat to unity, growth/Development in any Socio-political settings."

Nigeria is a geographical construct, anything asides this, is deceit in the highest order.

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