Fani femi Kayode

Nigeria is ranked one of the highest producer of religious leaders of different religion such as Christians, muslims, and African Traditional religion (ATR). Looking at the nation's structure it's evident to say that over 60% of her citizens are loyal religious men and women, many of whom are followers.

The follower's are often turned what Legendary Fela Anikulapo kuti called "Zombies", they often have no direction save what their leaders tell them, they obey the first to the last command, they prefer to be equipped with Bomb than to live, they are bewitched, feed wrongly, they go hay wire to anyone who speak ill of their Leader.

Men who are supposed to help the nation grow bigger and stronger always pose to be this and that, may pull up a fight or get angry when a Title is not been mention, can spend a hell of dollars to obtain a degree in philosophy of how to grow a million followers, can afford to buy a trip to Stone the devil in a more sophisticated Zombie's environment.


How and why did Fani Femi Kayode join this league of pay your tithe, observe the five pillars of faith and get yourself catapult into riches?

The reason is not far fetched, it is because of the enemy of Nigeria, the Originator of Death by Cow and the Sole Initiator of Exchange your Life with your Land, the anti - democratic RUGA and likely but not sure the Owner of Daura mansion who doubles to be The Governor general of the association of Tripanosomiasis infected animal of Nigeria. (You can mention a name).

Here is his first sermon on the raised podium;

Good day Nigerians,
My name is Fani Femi Kayode, I am a politician, i study in one of the best school in the world, I served under the Best President Nigeria ever got in person of Baba Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and later served as a minister under his beloved protege Dr Goodluck Jonathan. I think you should clap for me hearing this...I am unapologetic, I speak the truth always, which is evident with my stance when some blood suckling demons killed your very own Mrs Olanitori, you remember?... the daughter of our Leader Pa Fasoranti.

          Let me hear him well...

I am not a racist or a tribalist. Neither am I a religious bigot or a hater of non-Christians. I belive in the unity of Nigeria but that unity can only be based on one premise: the equality of every tribe, no matter how big or small, and the equality of every faith.

Those that tamper with that premise and that enthrone their tribe and faith above others are the enemies of our unity and not me. It is only in Nigeria that the victims are regarded as the villains and the oppressors are regarded as the heroes. Let me make my position clear, If we refuse to ensure that there is equality of all our tribes and ethnic nationalities and equality of faith then Nigeria can go to blazes. I despise servitude. I am not averse to intergration but I am against hegemony and ethnic and religious domination.

If that makes me a separatist or a secessionist then so be it. I offer no apology and I have no regrets for speaking for the millions that cannot speak for themselves and for having the courage of my convictions.

I was not born to be ruled or born to serve whilst others, from a different racial and ethnic stock, were supposedly born to rule. I am a proud man, from a proud lineage, from a strong and proud ethnic nationality, who serves a proud and mighty God. If others are ready to forget who and what they are,I am not. If others are ready to bow before Baal,I am not. If others are ready to prostitute their principles,bury their conscience,jettison their values,betray their people,sell their souls and serve the devil,I am not.

                     Fani and family

I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. I would rather struggle and live by faith than eat of the King"s accursed meat. The Bible says, "what profiteth a man to gain the world and lose his soul?". I would rather take the long and hard road of piety, humility, courage, struggle, persecution, misrepresentation and suffering and preserve my precious and eternal soul than take the easy road of  compromise and slavish capitulation and lose my salvation.

I reject and break the chains of servitude and bondage which the enemies of God and the adversaries of humanity seek to place on me and mine. I refuse to bend the knee to those that seek to conquer, subjugate and enslave me and my people. Give me justice,freedom and equality or give me death! To live is Christ and to die is gain! As long as I live I will continue to fight for the oppressed, speak for the voiceless and give hope to the weak,the vulnerable,the despised,the persecuted and the marginalised.

As long as I live I will continue to be a nightmare and a source of sorrow, anxiety and pain for the oppressor and those that believe that we are nothing but slaves. That is my calling. That is my mission. And whatever the cost,as long as the Lord lives,I shall continue to do it.

God bless you,
God bless the Federal republic of Nigeria,
God bless the Nation of ISRAEL.

I love you all

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