Just in!!! 148 Herdsmen arrested in Lagos

The increase in the influx of motorcyclists turning Herdsmen is increasing daily in the South western part of Nigeria, due to her infrastructural growth among others. Almost everyday will one not see Loads of truck entering the south west from the North, as less as its enshrined in the constitution for freedom of movement, as much as it is followed in practical terms of moving in thousands through illegal means, likened to the influx of Somalia's and Arabs into the US. A big thanks to Donald Trump for his immigration policy.

It was a thing of shame and disheartening as 148 young men from Jigawa state were arrested in Lagos with their bikes, roofed in disguise of been a products for delivery. When shall this end, when will the south be freed from this gang of blood sucking demons, rapist, embodiments of violence and Religious cult fanatics likened to the Democrats party in the US.

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With this arrest, its obvious that the Northern Nigeria led by the man who got is Waec certificate from a primary school in Nigeria military school are up to something, first of which is to have a 25% of vote from geo-political zone, second to none is to cause havoc on the residents and grab their land so as to implement RUGA by style.

Moreso, is to continue their Religious campaign, to rape the people, to dominate the Southwest should in case there is a war they can easily win. Whereas the Southwest ain't ready for a war.
       Afonja, Aare Ona kakanfo

Fani Kayode has only been the face of the Southwest over the years, and his statement is not enough to fight this instruments of Carnage's, if the west is not wise enough to face the challenges the West is going to be Kings who became slaves as seen in Ilorin, Kwara state, which was then the military barrack of the then Olubadan of ibadan, controlled by Director general of war Afonja, Aare Onakakanfo, but by the slightest pitching of tent with the Northern slave , the Son of the King became Slaves to the Slave who became King.

A word is enough for the wise...

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