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                    Festus Keyamo with Akpabio

Life has always play a good side to people who stand for truth and remain undaunted by the travails that comes their way. This can be said of the energetic Keyamo, a man who is Hell equipped and Heaven bound to unbundle the Supreme court with 3D's.

Has it gone well for him after been appointed Minister of state for NDDC, and very much  humiliated to work under a man he once prosecuted whilst working  diligently, showing his prowess so as to be rewarded with the Juicy ministerial appointment, reverse is the case when given a lower cadre appointment, what a life?

According to Israelmore Ayivor, Leaders' Watchwords he said "Leaders believe that falling is not failing, but refusal to rise up after falling is the real form of failure!", we believe you will rise after partially falling. It is never what you expected that you got, we believe you are going higher... Enjoy your new office His Excellency, Honourable minister of state for NDDC Festus Keyamo.

What people are saying as regard his new ministerial appointment;

Comments on Twitter...

@MObasimba, You have no choice than to join them as you could not fight them. Join the band of DESCENT ROGUES. Congratulations on your upcoming billions in your account or apartments.

@nedusam01, So is Junior Minister that Buhari and APC compensated you with? Upon all these noise and neck sticking? Not even A FULL MINISTER OF JUSTICE.... All the best Buhari's Parrot!

@enijakumo, Congratulations mr @fkeyamo the great lawyer! No wahala. Ride on. Serve your “fatherland” with the best of your capacities. But always remember your words as attached herein as you work with the likes of Godswill Akpabio whom you know is under investigation for corruption. Karma

Public Encomiums

As far as we live on earth, we will always have different kind of beings, the white, black, coloured, brown also the good, bad, and average. As much was said against him also the praises he got;

@olysa24, Congratulations Sir, your positive impact in the course of serving your fatherland will surely be felt by your constituent & the country as a whole. I wish you all the best.

They've started focusing on "unimportant".

@demoadefa, Well done bro. You've come a long way. Can't forget those days you gathered pen and note book for people to sign against Abacha. An assignment you took at very great risk.

@jedishola, Congratulations on your new appointment. I pray for wisdom, strength, boldness, fear of God and commitment to do your work well without fear of favour. God bless you real good. Please overlook the noise in the market. Deliver to the best of your ability.

@ginia2011, Congratulations. 😊
I wish you all the best. Much is expected of you but we Buharists know that you are more than capable. GodBless you.

                      Keyamo first day in office

Wishing you a great time in your new office Honourable minister and help us flush out the rats in Aso rock...


  1. Keyamo has always been a good man, but apparently in a party that diminish his idea...


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