MY EX...

It was like yesterday when Romeo first met Juliet,
and to their heart, love was fastened like a signet;
like the blossom of young and tender flower,
they to their fresh heart,affection firmly allow.

In the second never to be ever remembered,
and the minutes that was longed easily murdered;
tears visits the eyes of Romeo,up to his
and Juliet with sadness,her joy quickly slip.
Confusion was written on their face,
but life has opened to another phase;

Silence is now the best of their word,
for each of them have drawn love sword.
The love in their heart which was once a lovely song,
but now,can't be sang,for things have gone very wrong;
yet,we know not where fault slipped in,
neither is it sure if the fire was from within...
But the last time I had a word with them,
they said they are now EX,
and have put their love to rest,
yet,I felt,it is not okay with them.
What is Ex?I can't say,
or should we say love has missed her way?
Yes!I think that is what it tend to be,
if we can't be,why did love brought you to me?

If this Affection was to be,
why did it turn out to be so mean?
If it never want you and me,
why did it our heart seam?

I am the last Romeo to mankind ever to be born,
and I have suffered heartbreak in my early morn;
No Juliet can die with any Romeo these day,
for I have read in my family line how love lost her way.
My Ex...

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