Nigeria is at present bedeviled with injustice ranging from maltreatment, unwarranted arrest, police brutality, killing of force men by superior force men, payment of high lump sum to kidnappers, arrested Northern/Fulani kidnappers not brought to book e.t.c, they are endless just to mention a few.

But the painful part is when Police will kill because of Fifty naira on expressway, killing over intentions to arrest suspect and whole lot of others.

Fear grips the residents of Edo state when Men of the SARS descended on both boy and parent because the boy refused to drop is phone for scrutiny. One wonders as phone become Humans, that it should be scrutinize or investigated?

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Posterity will judge all force men who work without wisdom, using the uniform to oppress good citizen, Who invade young boys quarters on counts of involving in the cosmetics called YAHOO YAHOO. The  Policemen  has confirmed the statement "The heart of the Policeman is as black as his uniform".

When will justice reign? Enough of this brutal actions, Why not display this show of energy and strength in Northern Nigeria?
The constitution is clear that citizens has Right to freedom of privacy.

A time is coming when men will attack the police in return of their unprofessional acts.
We thereby call on the Inspector General if Police to once again look into the unethical show of force by his boys and call them order." They cannot turn themselves to a Dog that does not hear his master whistle".

An injury to one is an injury to all...
Remember law of Karma.

Please kindly rebroadcast to serve both boy and parent Justice.

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