Do saint cry, Do strong men gets afraid?This is the question that comes to mind when Donald Trump; 'The president of the world' declare who he his ever afraid of. Its a moment of pondering and tailspin when he took to his Twitter handle to pronounce the statement.

Against the believe of many that Donald Trump is afraid of the North Korea dictator Chairman Kim jong Un,  Russia President Vladimir Putin, and Dictator Xi ji ping of China, but reverse is the case.

Donald Trump has since his victory in the most controversial election in the US being the most talked about personality in the world. He speak as one who controls the world, with the "Make America great again Campaign" which as earn him both Public backlash and Encomiums.

Donald Trump declares that he is afraid of  Kirsten Gillibrand, Presidential aspirant of the US Democrats party after Gillibrand dropped out of the race.

 Kirsten Gillibrand
Its therefore clear that Donald Trump fears has been dashed out by Gillibrand pulling out of the Presidential primary of the US Democrats party, A victory for Trump in the US poll coming up 2020.

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