UNCLAD WEAPON... "Trading ashes for beauty"

Life is beautiful when things seems good,
it's nice when man can get 3times his food;
it only becomes bad,when a little hunger sets in,
and when the enemy set us for their arrows
both home and within,
with thoughts of sorrows;

Then, the once optimistic and vibrant man,
Says alot, even words that are never to his heart scanned,
till he is weak,and his heart like a broken can,
Can't hold all the bitterness that life has to him assigned.
He unclad his heart,and throw a thousand questions,
For life has caught him swiftly in derision,
With no exit or clear option,
than to sit in life's detention.
O man!from the East,the west,the north and south,
I wish thou can only open thy once anointed mouth,
And speak to your situation,what and what you want,
and what and what in your earthly days should be your gant.

Like the sea when it is dressed with storm,
the human is to hard times accustomed,
but that doesn't call for one to lose his form,
For life itself is not to all sides good things apportioned.
Let the sea speak in a clear voice,
Let the thunder show her talent,
Let the tempest visit our ship with noise,
and with signs to never one day relent;

Despite that,Man shall still forever stand tall,
For nothing can make his mighty whole fall...
Tho' we may unclad our heart like Job,
we may cause a flood when we sob,
but that doesn't portray us all to be helplessly weak,
like Situations and afflictions that visits in a wink.
PSALM 126 VS 1-
WHEN the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion,we were like them that dream.

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