It was not more than a week,
that I came to this unknown land;
but my body still seem very weak,
for this place is a strange highland.

Highland was my thought,
not until I was by a hand hold;
and before I could myself fought,
I saw it was like an angel bold.

He smiled and welcomed me warmly,
with the face that on earth never be;
then he looked on my body calmly,
and said,'you are on the land of the stinging bee'.

Stinging bee?exclaimed I to the space,
he looked at me as if to speak,
but look on for hours before looking back at my face,
and said,'you are on the ghosty peak'

My thoughts where gone,
hope was lost,
my life is finally done.
Then,I wonder how mama would have felt,
I wonder how everybody would have felt,
I wonder how my friend would have felt,
I wonder how my Girlfriend would have felt,

when they all heard that death has kept me captive.
Then,the man beckoned me to come.
But when my eyes was to an extent opened,
I saw my friend and my girl in a state;

Yeah!A state where only the married are only allowed to be.
My neighbors have forgotten me,
even my parents have left me to be
Then,I beckoned to God's eye,
to let me in this land remain;
for it is left for only I,
when down my mortal remain remains

From afar I saw a light and heard a loud sound,
it was like a special guest has been found;
and when i got to the eyes of the light,
my dirty black apparel turned into an Angelic white.

Mentor Mard,

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