80years after POLAND defeated ADOLPH HILTLER... Victory for US

Its a time of merriment after 80years the polish people stood against communism in its entirety. "War is never a good thing, but not fighting for freedom is the worst".

One of the people to remember in the war is Mr Bill Blair of neon, whose actions were visible to the blind and audible to the deaf while the war was ongoing, but painful he died on this day of 80th year celebration of the total emancipation of the polish people at age 98.

Words alone can't tell of the joy that grip the face of the polish people and among their allies including the United state and United kingdom who took to  pen and all out on social media to celebrate the poles.

Here are some mind blowing pictures, videos and comments:

Watch video

On twitter:
CS Lewis, Dietrich Bonhoeffer were great spiritual leaders over those times.  Compassion is universally understood, rewarded be it Mere Christianity or unconditional acceptance of those seeking a better life.  Very good point Mr Pence.

Mr. Pence,
My hometown Hong Kong is under attacking by the Communist party like Poland many years before, we the HongKongers boys and girls are fighting on the street every days for our future, some people die and many of them were arrested, please help us!

Thank you, Mr. Vice President, for a great speech with a beautiful description of our difficult history and a mention of our John Paul II and our faith.  May God protect Poland and the USA.

Hong Kong is the next to get freedom from China.

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