Following the wide margin of wining the PDP primary election in kogi state, mouth watering Senator Dino melaye says he is the winner of the said election. He allegedly says that the winner brought the vite from his house to the election venue.

Life has turned Dino melaye again of remembering the Bible quoting the acts of king David, saying men will insult you before respecting you.

Read his full statement; "Because I have God I'm indestructible. David was first insulted before he was respected and that is always the story of achievers until they laugh at you, they will not laugh with you! Yes, that was why Zion was born from pains and insults."

Melaye has really become a Joker that he will always talk about God when been challenged, as if he his the only one created by God. Are other contestant of the Devil?
Our sympathy and condolence goes to the slumping Senator and his well wishers.

He who fight and run away, lives to fight another day.

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