Donald Trump go weird over Drugs, Alcohol and Cigarette

Donald Trump, self acclaimed world president, during a campaign made kids and adults pledge allegiance to him that they will from that moment say NO to taking cigarette, Alcohol and drugs.

Africa has always been the recipients of illicits drugs, Vaping and other acts of the whites. Mary slessors once  said, the reason why she insisted in staying in Nigeria was the rate at which Alcohol was been imported into the country from Germany.
  Regina Daniels caught Vaping

Vaping also known as Shisha is trending in Nigeria due to its usage by Celebrity's, Artistes, Men of influence in their homes, party, and public space like Club house. Celebrity including but not limited to Regina Daniels, a song written by a popular artist Naira Marley & Olamide in Science students respectively.

Donald Trump has taken a bold step in going against the action, he is moral in thinking and upright in doing. The holy book refers men as inventor of evil things. The xenophobic attack against Nigerian's in south Africa also have a root of the large use of hard drugs by South Africans kids believed to be influenced by Nigerians resident in S.A.

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This is a cloud of evil which has befall the world only to be corrected by sane men like Senator Graham, GOP leaders, Republican senators.  These men can also influence the stop in the production of the deadly weapon more destructive than weapon of mass destruction.

A stitch in time saves nine.
Save the world, save the children and save Africa.

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