ONDO DECIDES: Omi Titún is better than Otún Otún

Electioneering is a tool to strengthening our collective Democracy, also a means to choosing new set of leaders who will deem it feet to take the masses to the feat yet attained.

Coming by Ondo state Governorship election it can be fully said that all quarters are feeling the heat already, some are preparing for a revenge, some for attack, some to build while many others to get their pocket soiled with money, knowing that power belongs to the people, and Democracy ain't democracy until the leaders see that power is transient and also belongs to the people.

                          Eyitayo Jegede

Israelmore Ayivor, in Leaders' Ladder says  "Leaders are deep thinkers. They don’t relax for problem to lay eggs before they attempt dealing with them." Going by this it's obvious to note that the present government can be said to be chasing shadows and not the real deal, democracy today as becomes Winners takes all, which as not got us winners but at the back of National dailies.

How long should we abide by this Farce of people in power, the present government is incapacitated in lifting Ondo state to enviable hieghts compare to the class of the Omi Titún in Ibadan and Nigeria at large.

This time calls for a re thinking and calling our bones and marrow to do the right thing, to engage the best of the best in getting the job done in Ondo state, as the Alagbaka house is not meant for a particular region, neither is it for a particular person.

The 8years of the Mimiko led administration is an eye opener to what second term in office means, The Nation itself is in shamble because there is a barking dog who cannot bite in power that claims to have integrity but is as corrupt and inept as his state Governor Yahaya Bello.

KamomiAketi is not a project, what is kamomi itself? Where state like Zamfara, Niger construct Dam which support their farms outputs and gives the people quality water, we are rejoicing on one bore hole in a town, have we been bewitched to have accept this kind of fascist rule?
      Another Omi Titún, Ben Banji Okunomo

Ondo state is in a state of a great decision, our achievement is equivalent to the choices you make.

Choose Omi Titún and let's make the Sun shine again.

Ondo Decides... Otun otun is not an option.

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